Fridges are supposed to run round the clock. They do not tire out. But that does not mean they are never knocked out of the order. At times, they malfunction, and they have to be repaired. But there’s a catch. How frequently do they need to be repaired? Not too, of course! But if you need to summon techies who carry out fridge repairs in Greenacre or wherever you stay, too often, then that’s a red flag.

Either you need to have your fridge replaced, or the way you maintain your fridge is not the right procedure. Indeed, there are certain ways to avert frequent fridge repairs. If you had not followed the steps, resulting in the downfall of your appliance, you would not like to repeat the same mistakes when you get a new one. Here the ways are to reduce the frequency of repairs.

Cleaning the Coils

The evaporator coils remain concealed and hence, you cannot see them apparently. But that does not deny the fact that they gather a lot of dust and dirt over time. Thus, you must keep the coils free of dust and dirt, pet hair, oil and grease, for once they accumulate, that will stop the fridge from operating smoothly and efficiently, thus helping you to avoid frequent fridge repairs in Double Bay or elsewhere.

Maintaining the Temperature

You need to maintain the temperature. Check it regularly in both the freezer and the refrigerator sections of the unit. This is important as it ensures that the foodstuff inside the fridge is healthy and fresh, and the fridge is running efficiently. The temperature of the refrigerator compartment should be set at 2 to 4 degree Celsius, while that of the freezer section should be set at 0 degrees. In case you have an older model and if you suspect that the unit is not cooling adequately, you can get a thermostat to check the temperature. You do not have to spend much for that.

Checking the Gasket at the Door

The door gasket is one of the most potential sources of fridge malfunctions.  A sizable proportion of customers who summon our techies for fridge repairs in Bondi do so when the gasket stiffens and cracks, allowing the exchange of cool interior air with the warm exterior air. Thus, you need to check the gasket from time to time, clean it and ensure that it remains soft and elastic, clean and in perfect condition to seal the door properly, once it is closed.

Changing the Filters from Time to Time

People in most of the cases fail to realise how important it is to change the filters periodically. The ice maker and the water dispenser come up with filters, which need to stay clean and clear. Changing the filters from time to time will also help you to keep the icemaker and the water dispenser clean, and help them run efficiently.

Thus you see, you need to take these simple steps to ensure that you do not have to opt for fridge repairs far too often. Yes, you may have to summon techies for maintenance. But that will never cost you as dearly as fridge repairs.

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