You may hear a humming sound coming from your refrigerator at intervals. And that’s normal as all refrigerator units make them. Then again, when you hear any annoying or unfamiliar loud noises resulting from your refrigerator, that’s when things start to get a bit serious.

More so if they are accompanied by issues such as –

  • The stored food items not cooling as it should
  • There is plenty of heat emanating from under the appliance
  • The ice maker isn’t functioning as it ought to

In such situations; you may want to determine the real cause behind your refrigerator making such noises. Fridge Experts and its experienced team discourses some of those uncommon refrigerator noises, what they indicate and how to resolve them.

1. You Hear a Ratting Sound From Underneath Your Refrigerator

A rattling sound from underneath the refrigerator unit could be due to the drain pan. Our experts believe this to be an easy fix. Simply secure the drain pan properly and push it back into place.

2. You Come Across a Noise from the Back of Your Cool Storage Unit

A loud noise coming from the back of your refrigerator is caused by the condenser fan of the unit’s compressor. Of course; you can unplug the unit to clean the condenser fan. Often due to the accumulation of dirt and dust; the condenser fan starts to make noises. But cleaning it up with a soft brush may resolve the issue.

Still, if you wish for our fridge repair specialists to check it out, we will happily oblige!

3. You Hear a Squeaky Sound From Inside the Refrigerator Unit

Do you notice a squeak or rattling noise from inside the unit? If so, then our fridge repair technicians believe that the problem could be in the circulation fan- responsible for passing the air from the freezer and other fridge sections. It is situated at the back of your unit’s access panel.

Push the light switch in the freezer and check if the noise of getting louder or not. If it is, then the circulation fan is the culprit.

Our experts will be happy to come over to your place and inspect the condition of the circulation fan. If needed, they will even replace it.

4. You Notice Noises like Squealing or Chirping from inside Your Fridge

If you come across strange noises like chirping or squealing from inside your cool storage unit; our experts believe this could be due to your unit’s evaporator fan malfunctioning. This could prove problematic for your unit’s functionality simply because a malfunctioned fridge fan will cause a dip in its cooling.

The evaporator fan can go bad due to many reasons – faulty wiring, wear and tear; signs of corrosion or even issues with its connectors. The best way to tackle this would be to allow our professional team to inspect it properly and even replace those faulty parts.

5. You Hear a Knocking Sound from Your Refrigerator

Our technicians offering fridge repairs in Blacktown reveals that the issue could be due to the condenser malfunctioning or the refrigerator’s fan motor not functioning as it is supposed to. If it’s the latter, the issue could be due to the fan either running too hard or getting too hot.

6. You Notice a Clicking Sound from Your Fridge

If you hear a strange clicking noise coming from inside your refrigerator, then it indicates that the water line valve has gotten lose and needs connecting back to the water supply.

Our experts point out that if you’ve shifted your refrigerator recently; this may have caused the break in connection which is stopping the ice-maker from cooling properly. 

Another point worth mentioning is the older your refrigerator gets, the more noises it will make. So, if your fridge is consistently making such strange noises (whichever they may be), you should arrange for our inspection once in every 2 months- especially if your unit is over 6-7 years old.

We offer fridge repairs and maintenances across Campbelltown and its nearby suburbs.

So call us and arrange for a visit whenever you see fit.

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