A new fridge can end your woes regarding the storage of food. But after you have bought a new fridge, you should not do a few things, especially if you are looking to extend the lifespan of the same. Moreover, doing a few things outside the provider guidelines can lead to damages, to repair which you will need to call in the technicians in Sydney and its suburbs.

Turn Off the Power Directly From the Outlet

A fridge equipped with a new compressor, evaporator coils and other components can get damaged due to a sudden power surge or disconnection. So, it is necessary that you keep the main power turned on. However, recent fridges are equipped with thermostats that automatically control the temperature. So, professionals performing fridge repairs in Sydney and its suburbs recommend that you avoid doing so.

Don’t Clean the Fridge While Its On

If the fridge is on, do not clean it, as you might accidentally be damaging the internal mechanism. Moreover, if you are using a wet cloth, the moisture from it can accumulate on different parts of the fridge and can lead to mould growth. So, the technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Blacktown and the other suburbs recommend against doing so.

Avoid DIY Repairs

Though a good quality fridge will hardly cause problems, you should avoid DIY repairs at all costs.

Modern fridges are equipped with intricate components that can easily get damaged if not handled properly. Moreover, it’s a new fridge. So, you should take utmost care of the same.

Do Not Keep the Fridge Open Unnecessarily

This applies to both new and old fridges. Anyway, make sure that you are not keeping the fridge open for too long as warm air will enter the fridge. It will put extra pressure on the compressor since the component will need to give more effort to keep the fridge cool.

Try Not to Reposition the Fridge

You should not reposition your refrigerator unless it’s very necessary, such as, you are relocating the new refrigerator as suggested by the technicians performing fridge repairs in Campbelltown and the other Sydney suburbs because doing so can put unnecessary pressure on the components inside. Also, several times it has been seen that fridge repositioning leads to the gasket becoming loose.

If you have to reposition the fridge at all, make sure you are hiring reputed movers who know how to carry heavy items.

Do Not Overload the Fridge

Surely, it is a new fridge and you might want to keep as many items as possible inside it. But if you do this, you might have to call in the technicians sooner because overloading a fridge can lead to less cooling.

The circulation in the fridge can decrease and put more pressure on the compressor. It will reduce the lifespan of the latter. So, only keep items that are suggested in the manual.

Do Not Regulate the Temperature Too Much

Technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Parramatta suggest that you should not regulate the temperature too much after buying the refrigerator as doing so can put too much pressure on the condenser coils.

Take a few days and let the compressor adjust itself to the varying temperatures. After that, you can do manual regulation.

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