There are times when you will find that your refrigerator is freezing everything. It may happen due to a number of reasons. Some of them may be trivial and can be rectified by DIY stuff without the intervention of professionals. However, in most cases, this phenomenon happens due to certain technical anomalies and have to be taken care of by experienced experts offering professional fridge repairs in Coogee or other Sydney suburbs. On this page, let us discuss the issues that normally lead to this phenomenon.

The Thermostat is Set at a Higher Setting Than Normal

The thermostat of your refrigerator can easily be moved and can very well be accidentally turned up, at the time of loading groceries or moving items in and out of the refrigerator. Thus, the instances are not that rare when the thermostat has been inadvertently turned at a higher setting. Also, at times, the users are not satisfied with the cooling performance of the fridge and intentionally set the thermostat at a higher settings, not realising the consequence. Now this is something that can easily be rectified without the intervention of any professionals, and thus is considered one of the most trivial issues. But you need to act fast, setting the thermostat at a high will not only leave the contents of your fridge frozen, but will cause higher bills.

The Gasket of the Door is Bad

The rubber lining or the gasket of the refrigerator acts like a seal for your fridge, preventing exchange of heat and air between that of the room and inside the fridge. Thus, when the gasket gets old, stiff and starts cracking, it will let in warm air from outside, thus increasing the internal temperature. To nullify that, the thermostat will direct the refrigeration system to work harder and pump in cool air more, to keep maintain the intended temperature. This causes the content of your fridge to get frozen. It is better to hire professionals offering fridge repairs in Abbotsford to replace the worn out gasket with a new one.

Heat Exchanger and Condenser Coils Covered by Dirt & Dust

The heat exchanger & condenser coils are located on the exterior of your refrigerator. These coils come in addition with the evaporator coils located inside the unit. These coils allow the refrigerant fluid to exchange heat and result in appropriate cooling, as needed. Now when these coils get covered by dirt and dust, it compels your refrigerator to give more effort for sustaining the intended temperature. This at times results in the overcooling effect, causing the fridge contents to freeze. Now this can only and only be taken care of and resolved by trained technicians who are into fridge repairs in Cecil Hills or other Sydney suburbs.

The Thermostat Has Developed Faults

At times, the thermostat develops snags and it starts sending faulty signals in regards to the internal temperature that results in needless extra cooling efforts from the fridge mechanism, resulting in super cool fridge interiors that leads to freezing of the content. Again, you need to summon qualified technicians offering fridge repairs in St Marys, who would use all their experience and expertise to determine if the thermostat can be rectified or it has to be replaced.

Besides all these, damper problems are also the cause behind freezing fridge contents. This is technically speaking, an assembly required for regulation of the amount of cool air getting into the refrigerator from the freezer. When the damper malfunctions, it will result in the entry of excess cool air inside, causing excessive freezing.

So you see, there are so many likely reasons that can cause the content of the fridge to freeze. If you are in and around Sydney, hire Fridge Experts to address the issue, as we are one of the best in the business. Call us today to fix an appointment.

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