Your refrigerator may return a number of issues from time to time. However, there are a few pretty common issues that commercial refrigerators encounter from time to time. It is not that those are extremely major issues, but they are pretty nagging and if not fixed in time they will lead to more serious issues. On this page let us discuss those issues and the way they are fixed by the experts offering commercial fridge repairs in your locality.

Your Fridge is Running Uninterruptedly

A perfect refrigerator will not run 24×7. It will run in cycles governed by the thermostat settings. If and when your fridge starts to run 24×7 that is a red flag. If not taken care of in time, the fridge will turn noisy and will grab a big slice out of your wallet. Refrigerators are by default one of the most power-intensive appliances. Over that, if you allow it to run nonstop it will cause your power bills to shoot up.

Cause: This mainly happens due to the buildup of dust and debris around the condenser coils.

Fix: When you hire professionals offering commercial fridge repairs in Sydney they will unplug the refrigerator and clean up the condenser coils.

Your Refrigerator is Leaking Water

At times, you will find water puddling underneath your fridge, and that is never a very good sign, though it is a fairly common occurrence. However, it does not take much to resolve this. This leakage of water generally happens due to two reasons.

Cause 1: The defrost drain gets blocked by food particles or other miscellaneous debris.

Fix: If this is the reason, the experts will try flushing the drain by using warm water and a turkey buster. If it does not work then the professional will remove the debris manually.

Cause 2: Water leaks as and when the water supply line gets clogged or frozen, leading to the formation of puddles under the refrigerator.

Fix: In this case, the expert conducting Fridge Repairs in Sydney CBD will pull the refrigerator out of the wall, locate the defrost drain hose and clean it either manually or by using vacuum suction.

There Is a Lot of Ice Buildup

In case your fridge is too frozen and if there is a huge build-up of ice inside, there is something seriously wrong with the fridge.

Cause: It either happens due to a faulty seal, or when you keep the doors of the refrigerator open for too long, causing a build-up of humidity.

Fix: While a technician offering Fridge Repairs in Ryde has nothing to do except conduct a power drainage in the second case, allowing the ice to melt, in the first case they would either repair or change the gasket.

A Dysfunctional Ice Maker

A dysfunctional icemaker is another pretty common phenomenon to occur in a commercial refrigerator.

Cause: It mainly happens when there is a clog in the waterline that is restricting the water flow. Besides, when there is any glitch or kink in the water supply line the same issue happens.

Fix: The technician offering commercial fridge repairs in Bankstown will turn off the supply of water from the shut-off valve and wait. This will cause the clog to melt down. Or to speed up the process, the professional can use a blow dryer or may squirt it with turkey baster by filling it up with hot water.

So you see in all these cases, you need to summon a technician for a quick and credible solution. If you are in and around Sydney the best name to turn to is Fridge Experts. Call us at 0404 705 914 to fix an appointment.

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