Winter is 3 months away. So it’s not that long before the long Aussie winter days start knocking at the door. Thus, you have 3 months of time at your hand, to make the various preparations before winter sets in. The same stands for your fridge. You need to ensure that your fridge does not give in during the peak of winter. And this applies even if you have the fridge from the best brands, including Westinghouse. In that case, you need to opt for the best professionals offering Westinghouse fridge repairs in Sydney who will perform whatever overhauling is needed to ready up the fridge for the winter.

On this post, let us discuss the measures that the fridge repair experts will take to ready your fridge for the upcoming winter.

Checking and if Needed, Changing the Door Seals

A loose or ruptured seal would let cool air to sneak out, wasting the energy and resulting in the fridge to work harder than what it needs. To avoid that and to make the fridge run at its normal functional quotient, you need to have the door seal checked and if required, replaced. For that, the professionals offering fridge repairs in and around Sydney will ensure that the seals do not contain any food residue. They will clean them using old toothbrushes and a solution of water and baking soda. Then, they will perform a dollar-bill test. This involves closing the door on a bill or a currency note with half of the bill/note inside the fridge and the other half protruding out. If the note/bill slips out on pulling effortlessly, then the seal has to be replaced.

Cleaning the Coils

Dirty condenser coils are the source of a wide range of issues suffered by the fridge. When the coils are covered by dust, they prevent the refrigerator from running immediately. During the winter, the amount of dust that accumulates on the coil is on the higher side. Thus, when you hire experts from the fridge repairs in Parramatta or elsewhere, they will pull your fridge from close to the wall, to reveal the coils. Thus, you need to have coils cleaned to ensure that they last the entire winter. These professionals will vacuum the coils and brush the attachment.

Setting the Right Temperature

During the winter, experts will suggest the fridge be kept between 2 and 4 degrees and the freezer at 0 degrees to ensure that the fridge functions optimally.

Ensure That Your Refrigerator Has the ‘Thermal Mass’

Experts offering fridge repairs in St Marys would suggest retaining the ‘thermal mass’ as it will help maintain low temperature. Cool foods and cold drinks help absorb the warm air, which streams when the door is open. Thus, they would suggest storing a few jugs filled with water in your fridge.

Thus, when you are nearing the winter, you need to take these steps to limit fridge repairs.

Call Fridge Experts for further details, if you are to keep your fridge in perfect condition during winter. Still, if it malfunctions, call us to fix an appointment and we will turn up at the earliest.

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