Fridges are born to be stubborn as they are supposed to run 24×7. Thus, they do not malfunction at the drop of a hat. But that does not mean, they never malfunction at all. Fridges are bogged by technical snags from time to time, and when that happens, the need of hour calls for summoning technicians from reputed companies that are into fridge repairs. Now, the list of issues that the fridges encounter is pretty long, and one of the most frequent issues that fridges face is tripping electricity. There is no single reason behind this phenomenon. Rather, it may happen due to a number of reasons or at times due to a combination of two or more reasons. Let us in this write up discuss the reasons for which a fridge generally trips circuit breaker.

A Defective Compressor

At times, a fridge may trip off electricity when the compressor is faulty or it has any earthing issue. To find out whether this is the cause, it is important to check the connections. Testing can also be done by disconnecting the electric connection of the compressor. If the connection stops getting tripped after plugging in the main power, then it is surely a case of defective compressor. You need to summon a techie who offers fridge repairs in Blacktown or other Sydney suburbs, depending upon your location.

A Malfunctioning Defrost Heater

The modern no-frost refrigerators come with a defrost heater. The principal function of this device is to defrost the fridge, and prevent any potential formation of ice whatsoever.  Now, if and when your fridge keeps on tripping electricity, it could be caused by an earth leak in the defrost heater. You need to check each and every connection of the defrost heater, to find out the cause behind the phenomenon. If you find that the phenomenon takes place only when the defrost heating mechanism stops, you need to open up the thermostat casing or the circuit board. Then unplug the wires of the defrost heater and power on your fridge to see whether it trips again. If it does not, then it’s the faulty defrost heater that is causing the issue. It has to be repaired or replaced and for that you need to summon a techie offering fridge repairs in St Marys or elsewhere near Sydney.

However, in certain next-gen, state of the art refrigerators, unplugging of the defrost heater or any other electrical element might cause the appliance to return a fault or safe mode error code. And the appliance will not work any longer. If that is the case, you need to use a multimeter to check things. If you are not confident of doing so, it is better and safer to summon professionals.

A Faulty Fan

Modern, no-frost fridges come with fans that are designed to dispense cold air uniformly all throughout the fridge. If these fans have any earth leakage, tripping may happen.

Thus you see, when it comes to checking the cause behind tripping of circuit breakers, it is always better to summon experts offering fridge repairs in Sydney CBD is always a safer option.

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