Refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in any household and recurring glitches or intricate technical malfunctions in any one of it’s components can be arduous to deal with especially during peak hours. Over time and use, your appliance undergo natural degradation which eventually affects it’s efficiency and you think of replacing it to avoid the daily chaos. Now, whether it would be wise to replace or repair the appliance is a matter of concern, especially if your refrigerator is a brand new one.

While refrigerators don’t usually require routine upkeep unlike other home appliances such as dishwashers, they aren’t invincible to damage and natural degradation. Glitches may arise from a broken ice-maker, leakage or severe malfunctions such as overheating. Depending upon the intensity of the problem, you need to decide whether you should repair or replace the appliance. Moreover, a few factors such as age and efficiency of the appliance can influence your decision.

This guide can help you make a wise choice and end your doubts for good.

Telltale Signs You Should Repair Your Appliance


Refrigerators are designed to keep food and beverages cold, however, it can give you overheating issues at times. Most refrigerator models run on a motor and regular use cause the motor to overheat and seize the work efficiency of the appliance. While it’s absolutely normal to feel some heat at the back of your appliance, it should not be so hot that your hands get burned. Yes. Feeling an exorbitant amount of heat coming from the back of your appliance is a clear indication that your appliance is faulty or undergoing severe thermostatic disorder. If you see this problem prevailing for a couple of days, get in touch with a certified technician offering fridge repairs in Sydney to resolve the issue at the earliest.

Broken/Damaged Freezer

Food and beverages becoming unexpectedly cold or frozen is a telltale sign that your freezer has become defective. If your freezer has turned to an iceberg, you should treat the issue with priority before the problem exaggerates further.  At the first take, try to defrost the freezer by disconnecting it from the power source. Once you unplug your appliance, keep a close eye on the freezer to check it’s performance. If the issue persists even after defrosting, you should contact a fridge repairing technician before splurging on a brand new model. Sometimes, freezer malfunctions can be fixed by professional repairs and save you time and money.

Water Droplets Around the Appliance

Puddle of water around refrigerator is not only detrimental to the health of your appliance but for your property too.  Performing regular household activities or walking around the kitchen can be a hazard due to constant water leakage from your appliance which may happen due to:

  • Door not closing properly because of broken seals
  • Hoses from fridge to the drip pan are loose
  • Broken drip pan
  • Freezer unexpectedly frosty.

If you come across these recurring chores, it’s better to call in specialists offering fridge repairs in Wetherill Park and resolve the issue other than splurging on a brand new replacement. It would be a cost-effective endeavour and save your time from the hassle of buying a new model.

At Fridge Experts, we comprise of a team of skilled, professional and certified technicians who have years of experience in fridge repairs in Sydney and Wetherill Park and restore the work efficiency of your appliance in no time. From minor faults to severe issues such as overheating, leakage and freezing, we excel in repairing a wide range of refrigerator glitches and save your pockets from hefty investments. Get in touch with us and discuss your tailored requirements. We will get back to you with a free quote instantly.

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