Early morning rush and busy work schedules often provoke people to make some rookie mistakes and leaving refrigerator door open for a long time tops among the list. Keeping fridge door open may not seem to be a big deal but accounts for nearly 7% energy loss according to experienced technicians. Moreover, when refrigerator door is left open for long, cool air escapes and warm air penetrates, thereby force the compressor to work harder than usual and fetches high electric bills per month.

What are the Perils of Leaving Refrigerator Door Open?

Hardworking refrigerators seize to last for years and give recurring troubles of food spoilage, damaged thermostat, faulty compressor and many more.

  • High Power Surge

Escape of cool air from refrigerator not just affects the work efficiency of your appliance but results in high voltage surge. It causes an inrush of electrical current within the appliance and this surge generates a high amount of heat which eventually wrecks the other intricate components such as control board, compressor and ice maker.

Refrigerator is made up of intricate components and control board is the most sensitive one. A sudden surge of electrical current generates a high amount of heat and adversely affects the functioning of surrounding components. On the other hand, if a compressor is not damaged by control board, it can malfunction due to a high power surge. Penetration of warm air through a refrigerator door can affect the windings that make compressor function smoothly and result in premature failure.

  • Moisture Formation

Refrigerator is responsible for keeping food and beverages cool and fresh. When the refrigerator door is kept open for long, warm air from outside and cool air from inside the appliance gets mixed and results in excessive moisture formation within the appliance. Due to the anatomy and the nature of functioning of a refrigerator, compressor starts running abruptly and struggle to maintain the desired temperature balance required inside. This, in turn, results in loss of energy and compels you to opt for professional fridge repairs in Parramatta.

  • Food Spoilage

The reason why food and beverages are stored inside refrigerators is preventing them from spoilage and fungus formation but leaving the door unattended for long can hike temperature levels and causes food to become warm. Vegetables and dairy products are sensitive and warm air penetration causes fungus to develop on them and food starts to rot quickly. Luckily if refrigerator is set to the desired temperature and remains cool enough, food and beverages won’t get spoiled and you won’t have to opt for fridge repairs in Ryde frequently.

  • Cooling Becomes Time-Consuming

When you finally realise and come back to close the fridge door, it will take longer time than usual for the refrigerator to become cool again due to frozen coils and defrosting will be necessary before the fridge becomes cold again.

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