The fridge is one of the appliances that run 24×7 and due to continuous wear and tear; a variety of issues may develop in one or more of its components. You might face issues related to cooling, wiring, defrost, water drainage, etc.

If an issue is left unattended your fridge might stop working totally and this can be a problem for the stored food items. So, it is recommended that you book a repair service if you detect any of the problems mentioned below.

There are many companies that provide fridge repairs in Seven Hills and they can detect and fix the problems in no time.

1. Motor Malfunction

Among the many causes of the fridge not working, a faulty motor is a leading reason. Due to wear and tear or due to a defect, the fridge might shut down randomly and or won’t start at all. If this is indeed the cause of the problem, the motor needs to be replaced. So, whenever you face the random shutdown problem or the fridge won’t start, call a technician immediately.

2. Condenser Problem

The condenser can be a cause for several problems in the refrigerator.

The coils are situated at the back of the appliance. These coils convert the gas with high pressure and temperature to a high-pressure liquid. During this conversion process, the condenser coils emit a lot of heat from the back. Now, if the coils are dirty, the heat will not be dissipated properly causing the refrigerator to stop working completely or work with reduced efficiency. Hence, if you face consistent cooling problems call a technician from a fridge repairing centre now.

3. Defective Compressor

One of the most common reasons for a variety of problems in a fridge is a defective compressor.

The component compresses the coolant in the refrigerator and circulates it through the condenser coils and the evaporator. As you might have guessed already that this is the central unit of the fridge and if the device does not work properly, you might face a wide range of issues. So, the compressor has to be lubricated and cleaned once in a while to keep the fridge working. Ask your technician if you can do it on your own or when should you book a maintenance service.

4. Voltage Problem

If you face flickering of lights inside your fridge or start-up problem, you need to check the voltage of the unit. Use a voltage tester device and multi-meter for the analysis. If you cannot do it by yourself you can call a company that provides fridge repairs in St Marys.

5. Lack of Coolant

A dearth of coolant might be the cause of a fridge malfunction. The coolant is behind the circulation of the cold air inside the fridge. So, whenever you face a cooling problem, there is a good chance that the amount of coolant necessary for the fridge to work properly has decreased. It’s time to call for a service.

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