If you find your fridge tripping electricity, that’s a red flag for you and you must not hesitate summoning technicians who are into fridge repairs. There may be a number of reasons behind this phenomenon. These fridge repairing experts of your location will use all their experience, acumen and state of the art tools to diagnose the exact reason, and address the issue. At times, your fridge may trip due to faulty electric lines, while at times, it happens when your fridge develops certain technical snags. If so, the fridge repair experts in Sydney or elsewhere, depending upon your location will come up with feasible solutions.

On this page, let us discuss the most common reasons why fridges trip.

Faulty Compressor

This is one of the main reasons why fridges trip off eclectic. As and when there is an earthing issue with the compressor the fridge may trip electricity. Or when there is a technical snag within the compressor itself, your fridge tends to trip. They techies will test the compressor by disconnecting it from the fridge and see if there is any problem related to tripping.

A Malfunctioning Defrost Heater

Modern fridges, including the Maytag fridges come with a defrost heater as all these fridges these days are no-frost fridges. If and when your Maytag fridge (assuming that you have one) defrosts it is the defrost heater which plays the role in it to ensure there isn’t any potential formation of ice. Now as and when your fridge trips off, it can be caused by an earth leak in the defrost heater.

When  you summon a qualified techie who carries out Maytag fridge repairs in Sydney,  the professional will check every connection of the defrost heater to check what precisely is at fault. If they notice that the issue surfaces only when the defrost mechanism stops, the professional will open up the thermostat casing or the circuit board, unplug the wires of the defrost heater and start your fridge once again. The techie will wait for the power to cut off again. If everything functions normally thereafter, it is a clear cut sign that the issue is caused by a faulty defrost heater.

In case of the very latest next-gen fridges, unplugging of the electrical connections results in activation of  the fault or error mode and the fridge will not function at all till all the connections are reinstalled. If this is the case with your fridge, the techie offering fridge repairs in Potts Point or elsewhere near Sydney will be using a multimeter for checking the components.

A Dysfunctional Thermostat

Again, at times, the earth leak that causes your fridge to trip is connected to a faulty thermostat. Well, this particular fault is pretty rare. Yet, the technicians offering fridge repairs in Blacktown will use a multimeter  to diagnose the issue. The professional will select the appropriate ohmmeter mode, and place one tip on the earth lug and the other one on one of the lugs of the thermostat. If they find any continuity, then the trips are caused by a faulty thermostat and it has to be replaced.

Therefore you see, there may be several reasons why your fridge trip. Don’t delay summoning a quality fridge repair expert from a reputed company. If you are in and around Sydney, Fridge Experts has to be the best name to turn to. Call us now to fix an appointment.

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