You can increase the longevity of your fridge by defrosting it the right way. But since the correct procedure is not known to many, we will be discussing it here. Moreover, by defrosting your fridge properly, you can decrease the cost of repairs if you are in Sydney or any of its suburbs.

Now, let us get straight into the methods of defrosting the appliance properly.

  • The Traditional Method

Professionals providing fridge repairs in Sydney and its nearby suburbs suggest that the safest method of defrosting the appliance is the traditional method.

Here, you will just need to turn off the appliance and unplug it. Then, remove all food and leave the door open until and unless the ice melts. Also, you should ensure that no food or whatsoever is left in any of the compartments of the fridge. And since the ice will melt, better place towels on the floor to absorb the water.

  • Check the Ice During the Defrost Process

While your fridge is off, you should check once in a while to see how much ice has melted. And when you see that most of the freezer is clear, you should turn the fridge back on because keeping a bit of ice will help you to store your items in the freezer just after turning on the freezer. Also, during the defrost mode when the fridge is on or off, you should never use a knife to break the ice in the freezer.

  • Use Boiling Water

You can use boiling water to melt the ice on your fridge. Yes, it might sound strange, but fridge experts in Sydney and its nearby suburbs recommend that when the fridge is off, you can use a pan of boiling water.

Place the pan on any of the compartments and the steam in the fridge will melt the ice. You just have to keep the pan for half an hour. But if you are to try out this method, make sure that the fridge is off and there are no food or any other items inside.

  • Use Rubbing Alcohol

When the fridge is off, you can also use rubbing alcohol to accelerate the melting process.

Pour some alcohol on a fresh cloth and dab it on the ice. This will help melt the ice faster because alcohol has a lower freezing point than water.

To remove the ice chunks when they have loosened, technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Abbotsford and the other Sydney suburbs recommend that you place a hot cloth and then use a plastic scraper for removing the chunks safely.

  • Using Hair Dryer for the Defrost Process

While the fridge is off, you can use a hairdryer to blow hot air inside the freezer and quicken the defrost process.

Just hold your hairdryer for a minute or two and let the hot air circulate directly in the freezer. Then, after half an hour come back to remove the ice.

  • Dry Vacuum

This is an optional defrost process suggested by the professionals carrying out fridge repairs in St Marys and other Sydney suburbs.

Here, you can use dry vacuum equipment to melt the ice. For that, you will need to set it to ‘blow’ mode and apply the air to the freezer.

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