At times, you encounter a pretty frustrating situation, when the freezer section of your fridge works, but the rest of the refrigerator does not. Now when that happens, you are in a perilous condition, wherein the ice cream that you have kept in the freezer is all well, but the milk for your breakfast has gone sour. You must be wondering about the reasons behind, as you look for a service that offers fridge repairs in your locality.

This happens mainly for 5 reasons.

A Faulty Evaporator Fan: Refrigerators come up with a set of coils, which are known as evaporator coils. The principal responsibility of these coils is to keep the fridge cold. These coils have a tiny fan and a motor mounted near the evaporator. Both of them draw air all over the coils, and circulate the air inside the freezer and the rest of your refrigerator. Now when the fan malfunctions or fails altogether, that will result in a warm refrigerator interior, though the freezer will continue working. You must hire a quality expert who offers fridge repairs in Sydney to fix this problem

Nonfunctional Defrost System: In certain situations, when the defrost heater suffers a burnout, or when the thermostat fails, frost builds up on the evaporator coils. As a result of this, the coils get too frost bitten, and eventually no air can pass through the coils to keep the cooling process functional. This leads to a situation when the freezer keeps on performing its duty, but the refrigerator turns warmer.

A Failed Damper Control: The damper control of your fridge that can be manually or automatically opened or closed to control the inflow of cool air in the refrigerator. Now in case this door is stuck closed, it will stop the inflow of close air inside the refrigerator, causing it to get warmer.

A Snag in the Thermistor: This is essentially a temperature sensor that sends the temperature reading to the control board, prompting it to send less or more cool air depending upon the temperature. Now if it gets faulty, that will result in the sensor sending the wrong message about the internal temperature, causing the refrigerator to get warm.

Faulty Temperature Control Board:  Again, once the temperature control board gets faulty, it ill wrongly monitor the temperature sensors, and will wrongfully stop and start the fans and the compressor, causing the refrigerator to heat up. The freezer however, keeps working.

What Do You Do in These Situations?  

Fixing the Evaporator Fan: You need to determine if the evaporator van is faulty or not. Try to run the blades by hand, and see if they are choked. If yes, then you must summon technicians who carry out fridge repairs in Penrith to fix them.

Checking the Defrost System: If you find the evaporator fan to be fine, you need to check the defrost system. But it might be pretty difficult to check every component of the defrost system.

Likewise, checking the damper control, the thermostat or the temperature control board might need an expert pair of eyes and hands. That’s why you must summon an experienced professional who offers fridge repairs in St Marys or elsewhere.

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