Generally, any fridge feels hot when you touch the sides. This happens due to the evaporator coils that release heat. But if you see that the sides are extremely hot, consider this as a cause for concern.

In this scenario, you will need to call in the technicians in Sydney CBD or the nearby suburbs. But if you are curious about the reasons why the immense heat is being generated, you will need to go through this discussion.

Let us now take a look at why your fridge might be becoming difficult to touch!

The Electric Heater is On

If you have a fridge that is very old, it might be equipped with an electric heater. The reason these heaters were equipped is that condensation and moisture can be easily removed from the fridges. That way, food getting spoiled can be prevented. But if this heater malfunctions, by any chance, the outside surface temperature will drastically increase.

In this situation, you will need to call technicians performing fridge repairs in Sydney CBD and other suburbs to get the appliance inspected and fixed.

Dirty Condenser Tubing

Some fridges have condenser tubes that are also known as yoder loop tubes which help in the removal of moisture build-up in the fridge. But if these tubes become dirty, they can accumulate heat and naturally, the outside temperature of the appliance becomes very hot.

Obstruction of Air

If the hot air from the evaporator coils faces obstruction, it can make the sides of the fridge extremely hot.

You can feel the hot air coming out of the coils if you place your hand near the back of the refrigerator. But if you feel no air is coming out, it might be due to an obstruction. So, it needs fixing which only seasoned technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Potts Point and other Sydney suburbs can do.

Dirty Condenser Coils

We have mentioned dirty condenser tubing before. But like the tubes, if the coils are filled with dust and dirt, they can generate immense heat that can make the outside surface of the fridge difficult to touch. However, cleaning these coils can solve the issue.

Short Circuit

A component getting burnt inside the fridge can lead to heat that might make it difficult for you to touch the exterior surface. So, to fix the issue and prevent a fire hazard, you should call technicians offering fridge repairs in Liverpool and other Sydney suburbs.

Inefficient Compressor

Is your fridge old? Because this can be a factor why its surface is getting so hot.

As the compressor suffers wearing and tearing, it can become inefficient. This causes too much noise as well as heat generation. And since this component is regarded as the heart of the fridge, you should get it fixed by the technicians without delay.

Electrical Fluctuations

An erratic flow of electricity to the fridge can also cause the internal components to heat up. This generally radiates to the outer surface and makes them very hot. But the fluctuations can only be detected by seasoned technicians performing fridge repairs in Castle Hill and other Sydney suburbs. So, you need to book an appointment with them.

These are the prime reasons why your refrigerator’s surface is getting warm. But taking the right steps at the right time can solve the issue.

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