Though a fridge should be kept turned on 24/7, there are certain situations when you will need to keep it turned off. These are, as you can well imagine, unusual circumstances. Nevertheless, experts recommend that by keeping the power off, you will be able to keep the appliance and yourself safe.

In general, during repairs, technicians serving in Sydney suburbs keep the appliance off to prevent hazards.

But here, we will take a look at a few more instances when you need to keep the fridge turned off as per expert recommendations.

Electrical Fault in Your Property

If there is an electrical fault in your property and there’s no power, you should keep the fridge turned off. As per the experts carrying out fridge repairs in Auburn and the other suburbs of Sydney, you should only turn on your appliance after the power comes back.

You should not keep your fridge turned on since power surges occur in the first few moments after the restoration of electricity in properties and this can damage the compressor and the other components. You should wait a minute or so for the electricity to stabilise, and then turn on the appliance.

Fridge Short Circuit

Do you feel a sudden shock when you are touching your fridge? This is an indication of short-circuits in any of the components. In this scenario, you should immediately turn off the power and call technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Darlinghurst or the Sydney suburb where you are located.

As per the experts, you should follow this step since keeping the refrigerator running even when there is a short circuit can lead to electrical hazards.

Refrigerator Cleanup

The third scenario when you need to keep your fridge turned off is when you are cleaning it.

Considering the fact you will be using water mixed with detergents, these can reach the internal components and lead to electrical hazards. Moreover, water is a conductor of electricity and when it’s mixed with a cleaning agent, it can lead to a shock, especially when static electricity is present. So, as per the experts carrying out fridge repairs in Camperdown and other Sydney suburbs, you turn off the appliance’s power before commencing the cleaning process, and you should only turn it back on after the cleaning agents in the internal components have fully dried off.

Repositioning the Fridge

Next, we will move on to another important scenario when you need to keep the fridge turned off, and that is when you are repositioning it.

The experts carrying out fridge repairs in Cecil Hills and the other Sydney suburbs recommend that even if you are moving the appliance a few inches from its usual position, you should turn off the power since moving can disrupt the electricity inside the components abruptly. This can be quite damaging to the components. Besides, due to the sudden motion, the coolant in the condenser coils can face a hindrance in the flow and lead to reduced cooling.

A Storm is Passing By

If a storm is passing by, you should keep your fridge turned off as per expert recommendations.

During a massive storm, there can be lots of electrical ups and downs which can damage not only your fridge but other appliances as well. So, powering down the refrigerator and the other electrical components will help you to keep them safe.

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