Refrigerator is the heart of every kitchen and probably the most used appliance in any household.  Regular use causes natural degradation of your appliance and after a certain point of time, your machine comes to a permanent halt. Like any other electrical appliance, your fridge may undergo technical malfunctions which may not always be easy to repair on your own. If you are tired of facing recurring glitches with your refrigerator and unable to figure out the root cause of the issue, this blog is for you.

How Will You Know Your Appliance isn’t Working?

Refrigerators usually comprise of intricate components such as thermostats, condensers, lights and switches and fans that facilitate cooling and make your appliance function optimally. Malfunctions or failure in any one of these components can prevent frost build-up and make your fridge stop from functioning.

A refrigerator is a costly investment and so, before splurging on a brand new one, it’s important to determine whether the faults can be fixed by professionals.  It’s easy to assume that your refrigerator has gone for a toss, but instead of being confident of your assumptions, check whether you are dealing with anyone of the problems mentioned below.

Fridge Not Cooling

Food getting spoiled or defrosting freezer are telltale signs that indicate your refrigerator has undergone technical defects. Check for the power lights or the ice dispenser of your specific refrigerator model and see whether the fan is running. Adjust the thermostat if there is power and if your appliance is still not cooling, it may be due to intricate faults in circuit breaker which can be easily fixed by Westinghouse fridge repairs in Sydney.

Faulty Compressor

If your refrigerator is placed against a wall, pull it slightly in front and check whether your compressor is making a humming sound. If you find the motor running perfectly and the temperature balance inside the appliance is normal, a little adjustment in the thermostat may fix the glitch. However, if you still face issues, it may be due to some broken components in your appliance. Repairing critical faults in compressor, thermostat or defrost timer isn’t a job of a layman and so you may consider hiring professional technicians to fix the issue instead opting for a new replacement.

Clogged Condenser

Each refrigerator model features a specific set of cooling coils that helps the appliance work smoothly and efficiently. Regular deposition of dirt and debris hinders the operations and prevents your appliance from functioning. To clean the coils and fans, you may remove the kick plate underneath your appliance and unplug it. You may also try cleaning the compressor from the back of your appliance according to your convenience. If deep cleaning condenser fails to restore your appliance back to normal working mode, you should seek professional fridge repairs in Parramatta for guaranteed results.

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