While at times your fridge is unable to attain  the temperature that you expect it to attain, at times it will over perform, and attain a too low temperature that does more bad, or at times, even worse than good. Thus, when that happens, you need to summon experts who offer fridge repairs in and around Sydney. Here on this page, let us discuss the steps that the experts take to amend this sickness of your fridge.

Taking a Hard Look at the Sensor of the Thermistor

If you have got a Westinghouse fridge, it is likely that it will have an electronic control board, and the temperature of your fridge is controlled by a thermistor, or a temperature sensor.  This device is usually located close to the air inlet; it is enclosed by a plastic capsule having a pair of wires attached. The function of this board is to collect the information from the resistance to temperature arising out of the sensor and control the functionality of the fans, the compressor and other components of your Westinghouse fridge. Thus, the experts offering Westinghouse fridge repairs in Sydney will examine the thermistor and the temperature sensor, thus making amends.

Taking a Hard look at the Main Control Board

In case you have a relatively newer fridge, its various spare parts like the fans, the defrost system, the compressor, and the likes may be under the influence of an electronic control board. This makes the repairs more complicated, as it is this control board, which decides the device’s various functional parameters of the fridge.

The experts offering fridge repairs in Abbotsford will unplug your fridge and conduct a thorough inspection of the control board to find any evidence of burnt connections, faulty or worn down foils, or evidence of arcing. If so, and if the faults are beyond repair, then they recommend a replacement.

Cold or Temperature Control Switch

If and when the fridge is too cold, then it can very well be a problem of cold control, which is a switch that sends electricity to the compressor and the fans – something that is triggered by the change in temperature. When the compressor is in a poor condition, and is not maintained properly, that may cause the temperature to dip too low.

One of the reasons why this happens is due to the fact the cold control does not accurately communicate the actual temperature that prevails in the interiors at any given point in time. Thus, the experts offering fridge repairs in Campbelltown will come up with amendments that include repairing the cold control, using all their expertise and acumen. If the issues are beyond repair, then they will recommend replacement of the faulty cold control to fix the issue.

Some of the checking that they perform would include inspecting the wire terminals on the control and ensuring they are not worn out of have loosened. The professionals would generally use a multimeter for making sure the control itself has an intact continuity. If that happens, it’s a case of loose connection. Otherwise, it’s the issue of the control itself.

Thus you see, the steps are complicated and should be performed by a quality fridge repair service provider. Fridge Experts is the best name to turn to, if you are in and around Sydney. Call us at 0404 705 914 for a service.

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