One of the most common issues that may cause your fridge to go for a toss is a faulty thermostat control. Now this is a pretty serious issue and it has to be taken care of only and only quality technicians from a reputed company of your locality that is into fridge repairs. The techies of these companies will take appropriate steps to come up with some high quality repair works to ensure that your fridge is up and running. To address the thermostat control issue and fix it, the technicians of a reputed company that carries fridge repairs in Sydney will take the following steps.

The thermostat control is usually located inside the refrigerator. It comes with a visible control knob that can be turned as per the needs to regulate the temperature of the refrigerator and its freezer. The functionality and efficacy of this control gear can be tested in different ways and steps.

Step#1: When a compressor runs round the clock the technicians will turn the control switch or knob to OFF status. If the compressor still does not stop and keeps on running, the experts offering commercial fridge repairs in Sydney will unplug the fridge, and pull off the control switch, and remove all the screws that hold the thermostat in its designated place. Now they will pull the thermostat and remove either the blue or the red wire off from the terminal and plug back the fridge and start it. If the compressor does not run, it indicates the thermostat has developed faults and it has to be replaced.

Step#2: If and when the compressor runs after the wire is removed from the terminal, there is a high likelihood of a short circuit somewhere within the wiring system of the refrigerator. In that case, the experts will take appropriate measures to fix the issue, by replacing the entire wiring of the unit.

Step#3:  if the refrigerator or the freezer runs but does not generate the needed coolness in the box, the techies offering fridge repairs in Liverpool like anywhere else near Sydney would unplug the fridge, and remove the thermostat. After that, they will disconnect both the wires that run into the thermostat. Then they will tape the free ends of the two wires together with a high quality electrical tape and plug back the fridge. If the unit starts and keeps running normally, then that will indicate that the thermostat has got problems and it has to be replaced.

Step#4:  In case the freezer unit of the refrigerator functions normally and attains the needed temperature low, but the rest of the interiors does not cool, then the techies offering fridge repairs in Ashfield or other Sydney suburbs would set the dials, which control the freezer and the rest of the unit to the tune of mid-range. Then they will unscrew the temperature control housing and expose the air duct that is located very close to the control unit. Now they will replace the freezer thermostat knob and turn the knob to OFF status. Now they will open the door of the refrigerator and have a close look at the air duct. If the duct does not open wider, that will indicate that the thermostat control has developed snags and it has to be replaced by a new one.

Thus you see, you need to hire a reputed fridge repair company for servicing and repairing a thermostat control. If you are in and around Sydney, Fridge Experts is the name to summon. Call us at 0404 705 914.

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