If and when the fridge starts leaking, not only does the chance of component damage become higher, repeated spillage of water can damage your tiles and eventually, you might have to invest in a complete tile replacement. However, if you are in Sydney or any of its suburbs, you can prevent this from happening and today we will discuss how.

  • Invest in a Water Alarm

If you invest in a water alarm, you can quickly detect leakage and call the professionals providing fridge repairs in Parramatta and other suburbs of Sydney to fix the same.

The water alarm is powered by a battery, and it will get triggered if water reaches its sensors. You can place this alarm anywhere in your kitchen or behind your fridge. Also, you can get this thing from any of the local hardware stores. It will really help you to get your fridge repaired on time.

  • Adjusting the Tilt Of Your Fridge

Water accumulates in all fridges due to varying temperatures and condensation. But if your fridge is set up correctly, the water will flow to the drain hole. But if you discover a leak, possibilities are that the tilt of the fridge is not as it should be and hence, it requires adjustment. So, you can try to adjust it. But if you cannot, better leave it to professionals.

  • Clogs

Another reason why leaks in fridges occur is when the lines that drain water after defrosting get clogged. So, to solve this problem, you can clean up the fridge. For this, you will need to use a pipe cleaner on the back of the freezer to push out clogs. After that, you need to use water with vinegar down the pipe as this helps to clear the clog even more.

You will notice that now the water is flowing smoothly down to the drainage hole. However, if the water still doesn’t drain, it’s better to call professionals carrying out fridge repairs in Castle Hill and other Sydney suburbs.

  • Look for Loose Tubes in the Icemaker

Sometimes, ice makers can also lead to water leaks from fridges. This mainly occurs when the connecting tubes become loose or start leaking. So, to prevent this from happening, you can stop the water connection to see if the ice maker is the culprit. And if it is, you will just need to tighten the connections to solve the issue. But if all of these sound overwhelming, call a professional.

  • Check the Gasket Seal

Condensation inside your fridge can lead to leaks and it is a sign that you will require a tighter seal on the door gasket. The simple way to do it is to call professionals carrying out fridge repairs in Ryde who will replace the unit. However, sometimes the location of the fridge can also cause condensation issues and lead to leakage.

If the technician detects this very problem, he will ask you to place the fridge in a different location other than the garage or basement that is not too hot.

  • Too Much Ice Build-Up in Freezer

When and if there is too much ice build-up in the freezer, it can cause a leak. Now, this issue requires expert intervention. So, when faced with this issue, call a technician to get your fridge checked.

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